Interior Minister Hasn�t Abandoned His Post � James Agalga

The Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. James Agalga, has denied assertions that the Minister of Interior, Mr. Kwesi Ahwoi has abandoned his post but is away on his annual leave. The Minister of Interior has come under criticisms for allegedly abandoning his post in the midst of the crises at Bimbilla. But a press statement issued by Mr. Agalga indicated that the Minister only obtained the permission of the President to proceed on his annual leave. It noted that � the impression being created that the Minister has vacated his post while people are dying in this country must be debunked� It clarified that the Minister of Defense, Hon Mark Woyongo, has been acting as the Minister for Interior since the Minister proceeded on leave. �It is important to note that the Deputy Minister for the Interior, Hon. James Agalga and other security heads in the country are all at post,� it noted. Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr. Agalga further stated that Mr. Kwesi Ahwoi should not be criticized for his decision since he followed due processes before embarking on his annual leave. �To say that Mr. Kwesi Ahwoi was in Brazil and was enjoying himself while Bimbilla was javascript:openNewWindow('../../tgtools/newsphotos/pix.php',%20'PhotoGallery','900','700');in turmoil presupposes that when he left, there was a vacuum created. I want you to understand that during the crises at Bimbilla, there was somebody acting and that person acted in a way that an Interior Minister ought to have acted,� Mr. Agalga said.