'Glory 2014' Ends With Participants Determined To Be Agents of Change

The Deeper Life Campus Fellowship has ended this year’s National Campus Community Congress dubbed ‘Glory 2014’. The 5-day event which was held from 16th to 20th July ended with participants agreeing to be agents of change in Ghana. The annual event had 4,081 participants made up of Students and Staff of Tertiary Institutions, National Service Personnel as well as Professionals, agree on a set of recommendations and actions necessitated by an urgent need to raise God-fearing torchbearers in a country where decency and moral rectitude are in short supply. Participants after the event, agreed to commit to the following: 1. That participants will return to their campuses and places of work as transformed men and women in Christ ready to be of service to God always 2. That a daily life of righteousness which conforms to Biblical standards will be maintained by all participants. 3. Those who gave their lives to Christ at the congress will be conserved and nurtured to become change agents. 4. That an evangelism drive aimed at expanding the kingdom of God will be mounted nationwide as a matter of urgency. 5. That participants will be committed to crying and interceding on behalf of their campuses and the nation as a whole until righteousness and the glory of God be restored to our nation. 6. That participants will be one another’s keeper in ensuring that godly and socially-responsible lifestyles are maintained as a way of preserving the gains of the congress. 7. That participants will demonstrate practical love for God and for one another as the Bible admonishes 8. That participants will maintain a life of integrity and good conscience in all their endeavours irrespective of the conditions and circumstances in which they find themselves 9. That a life of academic and professional excellence will be maintained by all participants henceforth. 10. That participants will make use of all social media platforms in a manner that pleases God and contributes to the expansion of his kingdom. 11. That participants will continue to positively affect the lives of people around them as a way of ensuring that we all make heaven. 12. That participants will live for Christ for the rest of their lives based on personal convictions, not influenced by the actions and inactions of any individual or group of persons. 13. That participants will be committed to supporting the cause of the nation socially, economically, spiritually and environmentally.