Joy FM’s Samson Ayenini Is A Small Boy When It Comes To Law – Lawyer Ampaw Explodes

Regarding Castro and Janet’s missing incident at the Ada estuary 2 weeks ago, one of Ghana’s top lawyers, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw came out last week calling for the arrest of Asamoah Gyan and other people who were at the scene when the incident occurred, so as to aid the police in their investigations. However, Legal practitioner Samson Lardy Ayenini of Joy 99.7FM thinks otherwise. He has described what Lawyer Ampaw said as baseless. He said, “you arrest people over a specific offence and charge them accordingly. I strongly disagreed with Dr. Maurice Ampaw describing his call as baseless and procedurally wrong. The call is absolutely baseless and will only get the police being embarrassed terribly in court” Samson added. The news file host argued that as it is now and per the information surrounding the event, there is absolutely no legal basis to arrest Gyan or any of the guys who were with him. This argument by Lawyer Ayenini didn’t sound well in the ears of Lawyer Ampaw. Speaking to Feeling Daddy on the Penpenaa show on Spice 91.9FM in Takoradi, Lawyer Ampaw expressed disappointment in the people against his statement. “Samson Lardy Ayenini, small boy. When I became a professional lawyer, you were schooling. I don’t know if Asamoah Gyan has bribed him for him to tell me my suggestion is baseless. His article betrays him that he doesn’t know the law. If what I said was baseless, how come the police are heeding to it. I forgive all the people against my statement. They don’t know what they are doing”. Lawyer Ampaw retaliated. As at now, the bodies of Castro and Janet Bandu are still not found.