One Dead As Minister Knocked Down Two, Claiming They Were Donkeys

One of the people who was knocked down by a vehicle being driven by the Deputy Upper East Regional Minister, Daniel Syme, has died. 37-year-old Robert Abuley and a woman were riding on a motorbike when they were hit by the speeding vehicle around 8pm Thursday. They were conveyed to the Bolgatanga Government Hospital where the deceased was placed under intensive care. Earlier on the Joy Midday News, Abuley Kyeka, brother of Robert told correspondent Albert Sorie, the victim was complaining of severe pain in the head. But Albert reports he died moments after the deputy Minister paid him a visit at the hospital. Robert’s brother had claimed the minister sped off shortly after the incident but was given a hot chase by some persons around. “When we got him and asked why he was running away after the incident, he told us he thought it was a donkey he knocked,” Abuley Kyeka narrated to Albert. The witness later claimed the minister was drunk; an allegation cannot immediately confirm.