Wampah�s Resignation: You Can Decieve Others But Not THE SCANDAL

Last week we carried a banner headline story about the resignation of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Henry Wampah. The Government did not react to the story; to deny or confirm; they just kept quite. Dr. Wampah himself who was invited to speak to the subject declined comment but later sent a terse text message to an Accra based radio saying �It is not true�. This terse text message was translated into a news story of several paragraphs and posted to several news websites and on the front page of the State Owned Daily Graphic to debunk SCANDAL�s story. We were informed that Dr. Wampah also promised that there will be an official response from the Bank of Ghana on the subject but it has been one week now and the official response has not come. The Government too has remained silent. We had planned to carry a more detailed story of Dr. Wampah�s resignation on our Front page today but again we decided to spare all these people any further embarrassment. But lets us just warn that they should not mess with SCANDAL. We are right there in the throne room of the Flagstaff House and where ever the power base moves we are there. We insist that at exactly 3.00pm on Wednesday July 16, 2014 Dr. Wampah visited the President and conveyed his decision to resign from his job as Governor of the Bank of Ghana. He did not talk much but simply said �the pressure is now too much�. The President did not hesitate to accept Wampah�s resignation and the reason is simple; he had planned to relieve him of the job sometime in December this year. So the President accepted Wampah�s resignation but advised that the matter be kept under wraps for now until a successor is found. It was decided that the announcement will be made �in a few weeks time�. There was however one last assignment that Dr. Wampah had to carry out and that is to lead Ghana�s negotiations with Nigeria in Abuja for a currency swap. The currency swap is expected to yield some U$2 billion dollars. Another U$3 billion is expected from some financial engineering in GIPC and Cocobod. The total of U$5 billion will be used to cushion the economy for six months. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. Let no one mess with SCANDAL. Like we indicated earlier we were going to do a more revealing story on this case on our front page today but decided to spare THEM the embarrassment. The fact that it is over a week and Government has said nothing about the reported resignation of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana is enough prove of the story for discerning minds. President Mahama is under Oath as President of the Republic of Ghana. Can he honestly say that he did not meet with Wampah last week over the latter�s resignation? We feel very sorry for Dr. Wampah.