I'm Scandalized...Nana Addo Has Still Not Changed From His ‘All Die Be Die’ Posture - Ade Coker

"It is rather unfortunate for somebody who wants to lead this country to use such language on a sitting president. I thought he has departed from his all-die-be-die mantra and trying to portray himself as a matured politician...If he is fit and ready and he is going to use such foul language then I think he rather is incompetent and clueless....." ....Ade Coker, Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was expressing his disgust and disappointment at the kind of language used by the 2012 Presidential candidate of the main opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo during the official launch of his campaign on Tuesday. Speaking at his campaign launch at Akwei's House, a suburb within the Odododiodio constituency in Accra, Nana Akufo Addo described the Mahama-led administration as "clueless and incompetent". He indicated that the NDC ‘Better Ghana’ mantra is ‘an empty and cynical slogan’, and added that: “there can be no better Ghana when higher taxes, high utility prices, high fuel prices low sales are killing businesses up and down the country, when our young people can’t find jobs, when the government has lost touch with the people and dances to the tune of ‘yentie obiaa’ But in an interview with Citi FM, Ade Coker shot back at the Former Foreign Affairs Minister in the erstwhile Kufuor regime saying; “I thought by now, he would have grown out of that language. We have passed this stage in this country; that politicians will go about using foul language on their opponents. He has not changed one bit. The all die be die mantra is still with him. I am scandalised that you are going to use your campaign to go on that line” "We are facing challenges and there is no doubt about it..., but the relevant steps are being taken for those problems to be solved," he pointed out. The former Vice-Chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) further added that ‘we need to take a bitter pill’ for a better economy tomorrow. “President Mahama will not use that kind of language on any opponent. All can attest to the fact that there is at least an improvement in our energy sector and so President Mahama is still working to change conditions in the country”, he stressed.