Sex Scandal Hits Tamale - Embarrassed Ladies Flee

A number of ladies captured in leaked pornographic photographs and videos in Tamale are reportedly fleeing the northern regional capital. Explicit photographs and video recordings of different women with the same man in kinky sexual orgies went viral in a hugely conservative Muslim dominated town. Joy News' Tamale correspondent Hashmin Mohammed reports the women feel embarrassed not only because the pictures and videos went viral but also because residents in the area take turns to pay awkward visits to their work places and homes just to have scornful glimpse at them. One of the women is said to be the would-be wife of a Black Stars player, who has since demanded the return of the bride price from the lady's family after he saw the pictures. has seen some of the graphic pictures and videos of the scandal, with the women in different sexual positions either been pounded from the back or in front with others gleefully leaking the manhood of the guy and smiling to the cameras at the same time. cannot publish them because of the explicit content. The man involved is said to be the son of a former District Chief Executive, with the father being a Principal of one of the Training Colleges. The young man who is believed to have video-taped his sexual encounters with the women, according to reports lives in Canada but engaged in the acts when he visited Ghana recently. He has since returned to Canada. Some of the women are staff of a reputable organisation in Tamale, with others being nurses from one of the hospitals in the region. The Tamale Police have since launched an investigation into the matter. According to Hashmin, the parents of the man lodged a complaint with the police claiming a friend stole their son's hard drive containing the pictures and started distributing them. “We are making attempts to invite some people for questioning," ASP Ebenezer Tetteh told Hashmin. There has been widespread indignation from residents in the area with some vilifying the ladies involved in the scandal. Prominent Muslim leaders and scholars have condemned the practice in the region and called on the authorities to arrest the ladies and the man, insisting their conduct might bring a curse on the entire region. “It is a lesson to ladies, in the first place what will motivate you to take naked pictures of yourself? At the time you are taking it you have no problem but then what happens if it goes public” one resident said. “In fact, the guy in question needs to be dealt with for putting such pictures public,” another resident told Hashmin.