Safety Tips For Motorists At A Filling Station

Dear Motorists anytime you are at any filling station to buy fuel, you should concentrate and observe these tit bits BEFORE AND AFTER YOU ARE SERVED to ensure your safety and value for money. Pull up at the pump Island before your fuel tank is opened. Switch off your engine. Closely observe both the quantity and price indicators of the pump; ensure that it reads ZERO, before you are served. Avoid mobile phone conversations and please be attentive for the moment and be involved in the process. Do not smoke in the forecourt of the filling station. Do not buy fuel dispensed from a pump with a Ghana Standard Authority’s `RED STICKER`. Ensure that the Ghana Standards Authority’s ‘GREEN STICKER’ is displayed on the serving dispensing pump. Open your tank and request the attendant to serve you. Make your request in litres or the cedi equivalent (not in gallons). Ensure that the quantity / volume of product on the display is in litres. Observe the amount indicated on the pump display is what you are paying for. 11. If you suspect any foul play, report to the manager or supervisor of the station. If you are not satisfied, contact the NPA on Vodafone toll free number 080012300 or on NPA’s main lines 0302-766195/6.