Little Girl's Reaction After Dad Shaves Of Beard During Game (VIDEO)

One little girl got a nasty surprise when her dad unexpectedly shaved his facial hair in the middle of their game of peek-a-boo. Bradley Bailey was in possession of a full and rather impressive beard when he and his small daughter were playing peek-a-boo recently. In a video filmed presumably by Bailey's wife, the little girl pulls a white towel from her father's face, he yells 'peek-a-boo,' she dissolves in giggles, and they repeat. But Bailey interrupted their game to shave his face of its fuzz, unbeknownst to his daughter. He returns to the sofa and the father and daughter resume their game - but not for long. Before Bailey can even utter his first 'peek-a-boo!' his daughter has taken a sneak peek beneath the towel - and what she sees there fills her with horror. 'Peek-a-boo!' says Bailey, but only gets shocked silence. 'Peek-a-boo?' he says again. After seconds of staring open-mouthed at the creature beneath the towel, Bailey's daughter places the towel back over his face and turns to her mother, who is filming the unveiling, with a look of shock and betrayal.There follows anguished crying and screaming from the little girl and the rueful laughter of her parents. She clearly is under the apprehension that this man who she had been led to believe was her dad, was not. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock had a similar experience with his five-year-old son in the 2012 documentary Mansome. Spurlock, who had worn a mustache for the boy's entire life, emerged from the bathroom shorn of his signature 'tache, to the displeasure of his small son, who began crying hysterically. Despite many comments beneath the video he posted to YouTube on September 11 that accuse him of being cruel to his little girl, Bailey says he only regrets one thing about the video: it should have been filmed landscape instead of portrait.