Health Workers Shouldn’t Replace Their Attires With Ebola Protective Gears - PRO Cautions

As the nation continues to set in place pragmatic measures to fight Ebola, health centers within the country would soon be given protective gears by the Ghana Health Service(GHS) to use during any unforeseen emergency. About nineteen thousand (19,000) Ebola protective gears are in the possession of the GHS and even before distribution takes place, the Public Relations Officer for the service, Mr. Tony Goodman, has warned health workers not to replace their working attires with the Ebola protective gears. According to him, distribution of the Ebola protective gear would commence on Thursday, 2nd October, 2014. "This initiative would not only benefit health centers but universities as well," he adds. In an interview on Peace FM, Mr. Goodman disclosed that a couple of weeks ago, some health workers from Ghana were sent to Brazzaville and Brussels to receive trainings that would enable treat Ebola patients. The trained doctors, according to him, have returned and disseminating information acquired to their colleagues at the Southern and Northern sectors of the country. He confidently stated that in terms of facilities to fight Ebola, Ghana is fully prepared to deal with it. Together with the Ghana Army, Mr. Goodman reveals that the GHS has been able to set up more structures to house people with the disease. He explained that Ebola, is both a threat to health and security and upon the advice of WHO, they have been engaging the Engineer Regiment of the Ghana Army.