Brazil Security Wanted Muntari Arrest

This narrative from the Ghana Football Association president may seem like a blockbuster movie, but it’s not. According to the accounts of Kwasi Nyantakyi to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry, this is a part of the behind the scenes story that produced the poorest performance of Black Stars at a FIFA World Cup tournament. Sulley Muntari, a midfield player of the Ghana Black Stars who Kwasi Nyantakyi brands ‘monstrous’ in his narrative was suspended indefinitely from the Black Stars camp during the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament in Brazil. A story of him physically assaulting Moses Armah Parker, a GFA board member surfaced at the time. GFA President Kwasi Nyantakyi narrates his side of the story: “Before we could say jack, he [Muntari] got up from his seat and released one blow. Then the second one was released. I was surprised. I have never seen this kind of thing before.” Sulley warned that “Moses must leave the hotel, otherwise he will follow him wherever he goes.” “Sulley hit Alhaji Lartey’s head against a wardrobe, brushed Felix and then he moved in to face Moses Parker, who had been shielded by my body. “In a moment of unexplained madness, Sulley aimed the glass at Moses, which I intercepted and as a result suffered a cut from the glass bottle.” The GFA officials and security personnel at the time were all in a defensive tactics mood, Nyantakyi explains: “They defended themselves by lying on the floor. I think it was a defensive tactics. “The security officers of Brazil insisted on arresting Sulley Muntari and prosecuting him in their law courts so management had to respond immediately by taking a swift and a quick decision. “We met the coaches, the technical team people and the following day – that was the eve of the [Portugal] match and had to take a decision immediate. Because if we condone one act of indiscipline, it spreads like a cancer and eats up the whole team.” Ghana were last in their 2014 FIFA World Cup group securing just a single point out of a possible nine. The point gained was against eventual winners Germany.