"Liberia: Does Bitter Kola Cure Ebola?"

I quoted the above heading from an article on the Internet. In the said article, an Assistant Liberian Health Minister said what is quoted below and I want to comment on it: "Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services, Tolbert Nyenswah, has disputed media reports that the nut Garcinia Kola, called bitter kola locally, is a cure for Ebola. He said to date no vaccine or cure has been found for Ebola." MY COMMENT: That is Africa for you. We do not like anything God has given us. If it were a whiteman who came out with that report that chewing GARCINIA KOLA can cure and prevent ebola and other viral diseases, Dr. Tolbert Nyenswah would not have doubted its efficacy. If no cure has been found for ebola and a Nigerian Medical Researcher has come out with a finding, why don't we just try it or is it because someone wants to make money out of a vaccine? As it happened in the Bible, a Prophet asked a leper to just go and bathe in a river to get healed but he was angry. He expected something expensive. Africans always want to see a beautifully packaged drug to believe it can cure. While we wait for a "good medicine" why don't we simply try the Garcinia Kola to see whether God will help us? Should we record a huge number of deaths before the so-called whiteman's vaccine come? They claim not to have a cure for ebola but when a white person gets infested he/she gets healed. Let us open our eyes and pray hard because I personally do not understand why the ebola virus is found only in WEST AFRICA, the part of Africa where the inhabitants are all blacks. God will fight our enemies for us in JESUS' name, Amen. Thank you. Nancy, GHANA