Re: Afoko, Agyepong Will Be Dealt With After Akufo-Addo�s Victory-Sir John

Last week former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Honorable Sir John was reported as saying that Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong National Chairman and General Secretary respectively of the NPP will be dealt with after Nana Akufo-Addo�s victory at the just ended congress. Sir John�s statement was widely publicized on many websites and also attracted a lot of comments. Today, SCANDAL wishes to dedicate our editorial to some of the comments Sir John�s statement attracted. These are some of the initial comments from Read and make your own judgment, � Frank Agyena-Karikari: Sir John sometimes amazes me with his pronouncements. No wonder you are a Ghanaian politician. How do you probe these guys because the party is broke? In Ghana, every party in opposition goes broke. It happened to NDC too but now they are being accused of having a $20m office. Sir John, you did not hear NPP was broke when Kuffour too was in office. We also did not hear NDC broke when Jerry was in office and Mahama is in office now. � Ama: Sir John we are waiting to see what will happen to Afoko and Agyepong just pray to GOD to forgive you, you are just a leaf. � Honesty: Now you are seeing the light and I am truthly thankful to God. Let us bring back respect and principles in the NPP and it shall be well. VOTE ALAN, BRING BACK DIGNITY. � kookoase krache: I agree with you intoto. Those in government dont agree. Those in opposition too did not agree. What exactly is the problem of the Ghanaian? I dont think we can develope with this attitude. God is sad indeed. � Richard Kotey: Nana doesn't need this! Please go and rest. You're no longer general secretary. It was for a very good reason that we voted massively against you. Allow the new executives to work for the party, and stop trying so hard to make yourself relevant to the npp. � Nii Lartey Nartey: Professional lawyers are trained people who think deep before they open their mouth to say something but definitely not this Join. The 2012 down fall of Nana was partly because of the way this Sir John guy talks anyhow and it will be good for Nana and his team to ask him to just keep his loud mouth shut. Every statement of his is stinky political counterproductive. � ISSIFU AMIDINI: Sir John will destroy NPP, he do not talk like a mature fmr sec. � Freedom In The Truth: question akufo's judgment for giving this man a forum to spew nonsense to the ghanaian airwaves � Obaa Yaa: Sir John why? During your naming ceremony were you not told what to say and what to keep quiet about? A trained lawyer indeed. I pity those who will bring their cases to you. You will let everybody hear of it before there is judgement. � James Lamptey: Have a check from the Ghana legal sectors and tell me how many if any at all, he has represented in court. The guy could be a fake. It is easy for one to parade in the streets in Kejetia to boast and call oneself, a lawyer. The problem is that Ghana Bar Association is a discredited body fool of clicks, intellectual fakes and insignificant nonentities � NAO' ITALY: Yea kukru nmponi, they say, if you don't know death, you just see how sleeping is, I'm afraid, for ghanaians ooooo? This your npp is already a failure, be wise ghanaians, let the current leader finishes with his work before you decide on a new leader. � James Opoku: We are least surprised. This is typical NPP way of doing things, vindictiveness and violence!! No wonder Ghana is not making any progress with this NLM, UP, PP and NPP attitude. Ghanaians have every right to express their views or disagree with others irrespective of their political affiliations. Democracy must be real, it must be practical and not by theory or hypothesis. Threats and intimidations would simply not work if we need to work together as one nation. It is therefore, irresponsible for owusu afriyie to proudly trumpet to the world that Afoko and Agyepong would be dealt with after Akufo-Addo's victory as flagbearer of the NPP. Thank God his possible victory ends at NPP. Ghanaians are wiser and will only vote and elect a responsible, civil, good character, discipline, law-abiding, intelligent non-tribal, a person with humility, assertive leadership and have Ghana at heart as paramount. We do not need a drug addict, a fake, violent and a tribal war monger.