Mourinho's Chelsea Will NEVER Match The Arsenal Invincibles

It was Patrick Vieira, the captain of Arsenalís famous Invincibles side, who suggested last week that Chelsea could replicate that teamís achievements in 2003-04 and finish this season unbeaten. It seems fanciful to suggest the feat being matched so soon, but even if the Blues could manage to navigate the campaign without losing a single match, they still wouldnít hold a candle to the Invincibles. Not while Jose Mourinho is still in charge at Stamford Bridge. The Portuguese is the best coach in the business and Chelsea are already cruising towards the Premier League title this season. But for all Chelseaís attractive attacking football this season - in the poorest Premier League for years - he will never send his teams out with the same swashbuckling intent to entertain as Arsenal did 11 seasons ago.