Nana Replies Alan’s Aide

Nana Akufo-Addo has expressed gratitude to Chief Mohammed Obosu, a press aide to Alan Kyerematen for an open congratulatory letter titled, ‘Walking The Path To Victory,’ he directed at him. Nana said “as aptly put by my man, Alan Kyerematen the man you worked for as press aide, the NPP tradition is best exemplified in the statement “after competition comes cooperation and I see your letter in that spirit.” Nana Addo said he was determined to assemble all the talents in the NPP in a camp-blind so that “we can realize the great task of mobilizing the overwhelming majority of the Ghanaian people for victory in 2016.” “The NPP’s programme of transformation and development is a credible platform around which we can unite the people of Ghana for lasting progress and prosperity.” Nana told Chief Obosu that “I share your concern about the conduct of our members over ‘rejected ballots.Education has to be a priority.” He said he was happy that Chief Obosu supports the nomination of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as his running mate. Continuing, he said, “I am confident that with cooperation amongst ourselves, Ghana will work again with an NPP government at the helm of affairs. Chief Obosu had earlier told Nana Akufo-Addo that “I write to congratulate you on your emphatic victory in the just-ended October 18th presidential primary. Let me also thank you and the National Council of our party for appointing Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as your running- mate – it is a strategic decision and a partnership that will realise our dreams of winning political power in 2016, with the purpose of transforming our economy and bringing prosperity to the people of Ghana.” “Despite our disagreement on candidacy, I stand proud of your iconic accomplishment, because it was a victory for the NPP and also the beginning of the journey to the Flagstaff House.” Although he said he considered the defeat a disappointing moment, he stated that “despite our disagreement on candidacy, I stand proud of your iconic accomplishment because it was a victory for the NPP and also the beginning of the journey to the Flagstaff House.” As someone who cares deeply about the issues surrounding democracy, political tolerance and unity amongst patriots and Ghanaians, I sincerely hope that your candidacy will contribute to moving us towards a more ‘camp-blind party, where people will agree to disagree, yet work towards a common ground that will inure to our collective interests.” He noted that “the NPP family is united in its decision towards the 2016 national elections. In spite of that, you should thank fellow competitors for battling you to the end in your primary fight: they made you a stronger candidate and it forced you to build a stronger grassroots team in all 275 constituencies, contributing to your victory.” To Nana, he said “you knew a 100% endorsement was not possible, though a 94% vote is a victory of similar magnitude. However, the remaining 6% must still be lauded for alternative views that has kept this party and its democratic tenets alive and on its toes.” On the night of the declaration, political pundits talked about an emphatic and dramatic win from well-meaning patriot; an admirable feat I must say. The victory places an enormous responsibility on your shoulders as you rightly indicated in your acceptance speech, one which requires your immediate attention.” He charged Nana Akufo-Addo to check apathy within the NPP fold and properly integrate the talents of all capable members, whose efforts can win us the national election in 2016. He cautioned the flagbearer not to repeat the mistakes of the past “by alienating our own, and to desist from sounding threats of exclusion from a power not yet won.”