Kevin Boateng's Baby Mama Wants End To Son's Paternity Questions

In between news of Kevin-Prince Boateng struggling to return to the pitch after yet another injury, his girlfriend Melissa Satta has made headlines in her home-country Italy. Back in April, the 28-year-old model gave birth to their first son Maddox Prince and the small family has so far been doing pretty well. But there is one thing that makes Melissa furious. In an interview with Italian magazine “Oggi” she complained about a set of comments on one of her Facebook posts showing her with little Maddox. Why? In those comments, people questioned whether KPB was Maddox’ real dad, referring to the baby’s light complexion. “That’s horrible”, Melissa said, “especially for Kevin. I am used to being criticised, but I don’t accept any criticism targeted at my son.” She went on: “It’s completely ridiculous. We are mixed-race couple. Maddox has blue eyes and it looks like they’re going to stay that way. I don’t have blue eyes, and neither does my partner, but they occur in my family. It’s just genetics at work.“ However, the next big step for the glamourous couple will be the marriage, and it is probably going to happen next year. “He still has not proposed properly”, Melissa told “Oggi”, “but we’re often talking about the wedding. We have set our eyes on summer 2015.”