Stations And DJs Are Not Helping My Cause - Lord Kenya

�Rap Heavyweight Champion� turned pastor, Lord Kenya, says God has revealed to him that by his fifth year as a born- again Christian, he would rise to become head of a Church known as Jesus Power Church. �I have been a born again Christian for four years now. I had a revelation in my third year that by my fifth anniversary in the Lord, I would be head pastor of a church. I�m waiting on the Lord to fulfil his promise to me. � I need a place where the people I reach out to such as the drug addicts, prisoners and others, can come to listen to the ministry of God,� he said. He revealed this in an interview with Showbiz last Friday. The multiple award winning musician who could not stop talking about his new found love, Jesus, said he was glad people now take him serious as a born again Christian. �My friends and people close to me initially doubted I was telling the truth when I announced four years ago that I had received a calling from God and had become a born again Christian�, he said. Lord Kenya said many people initially felt it was just a phase he was going through and his conversion was going to be short-lived. �It�s not difficult to see why they thought I would not last as a christian. Looking at the life I was living previously, I think they were justified to believe my calling was just a flash in the pan. That is the system of the world so I was not surprised at all,� he said. Lord Kenya, real name, Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo Kenya, said he is undeterred by what people think of his new christian values. He said the experience since he became a christian has been a very rewarding one and he looks forward to God fulfilling his promises in his life. He called on his fellow musicians in the secular music to give their lives to Christ. �Jesus is still working so I would advise all my fellow musicians to give their lives to Him just as I did. � His arms are wide open to receive them only if they are willing to turn their backs on the world and follow Christ and their lives will never be the same again. � If even I, could be saved considering all the things I did in the past, then it means they can be saved too,� he added. He repeated his call to radio DJs and TV stations to quit playing his songs although he admitted that some of his old songs such as Driver Susu ko, Children of Africa, Sika Mpo Nfa Neho were educational in nature. �By playing my songs, the stations and DJs are not helping my cause. If they say they love me and are fans of my , then they should help me spread the word of God rather than those secular songs,� he said.