I'll Never Accept A Political Appointment � Kojo Antwi

Hi-life �maestro� Kojo Antwi has said he will never jump at any offer from any government to take up political office or appointment. �Nope,� Kojo Antwi replied when asked on Joy FM if he would ever accept any political appointment offered by any government. �I believe I have been granted a platform that is bigger than any political platform being NDC, NPP, CPP,� the dreadlocked �Music Man�, who was recently celebrated by Legends and Legacy said. ��I believe God has given me the World: Ghanaians in Australia are listening to me, Ghanaians in the US are listening to me, I have fans all over the place,� he said. According to him, no political platform could be bigger than the platform, which music has given him for the past 30 years. Kojo Antwi also condemned what he saw as endless politicking in Ghana. He wondered why Ghanaian politicians always seem to be in a political campaign mood rather than seeking for development after elections.