Tombstone Reveals Senzo Meyiwa Was 30 Not 27 Years Old

According to the Daily Sun, Senzo's father Sam removed the tombstone from son Siya's grave shortly after the goalkeeper's death, to avoid the truth about Senzo's actual age coming out. Senzo's twin brother, Siya, drowned when they were in Grade two, during a trip to Isipingo beach with their father and a friend. The two boys got into trouble as they swam in the sea, and while Senzo was saved, his brother drowned. The birth date on twin Siya's tombstone reportedly reads 24 January 1984, which would suggest that Senzo wasn�t actually 27 but, in fact, 30 years old when he died from a gunshot wound to the chest on 26 October 2014 The publication claims to have received confirmation of the twin brothers� birth date from a gravedigger at the Umlazi Cemetery, from where Sam allegedly removed the incriminating tombstone, and also from teachers who taught a young Senzo during his time at the Cwebezela Senior Primary School in Umlazi. Said a teacher, who asked to remain anonymous: "We'd like to set the record straight: Senzo was born in 1984. In the registration book, his father Sam is recorded as a parent, along with his address." "We're not lying, we had to come clean," the teacher added. "We cannot live with such a secret for the rest of our lives." Age fraud is a common practice in African football and committed by players in order to gain advantage over opponents through size and experience.