Hearts of Oak Fans Angry At Togbe Afede XIV

Fans of Accra Hearts of Oak are not happy with the club’s board chairman Togbe Afede XIV. According to them, their forefront has been sidelined while their leadership is omitted from key decisions by the board of the club. The supporters allege that Togbe Afede XIV puts astronomical interest on the club’s loans from him. According to them, the interest charged by the board chairman is too much as he takes about 30% interest. “The supporters have a leadership and before the leadership came on the board, we passed the law that suggest every board of director will have one NCC chairman. It was done when we had our floatation at Kama Center.” “Togbe is failing to recognize the supporters’ leadership,” they complained. The supporters have elected Bramiah Attahene to represent them on the board but they claim the board have failed to recognise him.