Airlines To Have VVIP Cabins For �Diplomatic Passport Holders�

The proposed national airline will have a new super luxurious first class cabin exclusively available to �holders of the Ghanaian diplomatic passport.� The luxurious VVIP cabin, to be known as �Angel Ruby�, will be a new tier above the first class suites of the national airline- which launches in March. The move, according to an insider, is aimed at attracting the growing number of diplomatic passport holders who frequently travel through the presidential lounge at the Kotoka International Airport. �This exclusive service will ensure that presidential lounge users who fly with the national carrier will receive the same concierge services they receive from agents within the airport.� According to the insider, guests travelling with 12.5kgs of white gold dust in their handbags will have their luggage conveniently deposited in their luxury cabins before boarding begins. Angel Ruby, which will be available on all the fleets of the proposed national airline, will offer spacious private suites furnished with cocaine-white leather seats. The colour of the seats, according to the insider, reflects the source of wealth of those who are likely to use the luxury cabins. Angel Ruby will also give guests lots of storage space, �enough space to store 12.5kgs of the kind of gold Nayele had in her handbag.�