Nayele's Arrest & Travel Of NPP Top Gurus To UK Can't Be Coincidental... - Gen Mosquito

The ruling party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is accusing the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of culpability in the Rubygate Nayele Ametefeh Cocaine scandal and wants investigations to be conducted to prove whether the convicted drug courier's �trip to the UK was purely coincidental to the movement of the top gurus in the NPP for a fund raising event in London.� The NDC argues that the opposition party is complicit in the booming drug trade in Ghana. In November last year, UK Immigration authorities busted 32year old Nayele Ametefeh � who holds both Ghanaian and Austrian passports � at the Heathrow Airport in London. She had in her possession 12kgs of cocaine. Her arrest, detention and quick prosecution in the UK generated lots of controversy in Ghana with both the NPP and NDC mudslinging each other and raising issues of complicity. The NPP first accused the Mahama-led NDC government of being complicit in the scandal after shocking revelations emerged at the trial. They accuse the NDC of facilitating Nayele�s access through the VVIP lounge at the Kotoka International Airport. The opposition party also cited the 'hasty' visit by Ghana's High Commissioner to the UK, Victor Smith, of the then suspect Nayele Ametefe. But dismissing the NPP's claims that officials in the NDC were complicit in the jailed drug courier's saga, NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah stated that the NDC government �has demonstrated zero tolerance for the drug business.� He held that the opposition party must be held responsible for Nayele's brazen act since it was under their (NPP's) administration that the convict was introduced to cocaine dealing. At a press conference held at the party's new headquarters in Accra, Wednesday, General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia said �in the Nayale�s drama, what the NPP has succeeded in doing is to divert attention of the possibility of their own involvement in the scandal.� According to him, just about the time Nayele was arrested at Heathrow airport, the NPP was also hosting a fund raising dinner in the UK, and charged authorities to investigate whether �her trip to the UK was purely coincidental to the movement of the top gurus in the NPP for a fund raising event in London.� The NDC Chief Scribe also cited the arrest and sentencing of former NPP MP Eric Amoateng in the US for 10 years for drug trafficking as well as the missing 77 parcels of cocaine saga. �The NPP in their unrepentant mood organised its members to give him a hero�s welcome at the Kotoka International Airport...As if this is not enough proof of NPP�s official complicity in the drug business, a ship load of 77 parcels of cocaine vanished in Ghana under the watch of the NPP and has since not been found to date,� he added.