Dr Kwabena Adjei: �I�ve No Where To Go"...But, I Won�t Talk For The Next 3 Months

Contrary to rumors making the rounds that the former National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is seething with anger over his defeat at the party�s December 20 congress, Dr Kwabena Adjei has rather, reiterated his commitment and loyalty to the cause of the ruling NDC. According to the defeated Chairman, nothing would make him neglect the party that he faithfully served and rose to become Minister of Agriculture, majority leader and chairman, stating that �I�ll not be foolish to say I�m going to form my own political party or do anything stupid�I don�t have the resources, I don�t have the money�I�ve no place to go. I�ll help the party to retain power in 2016.� Speaking in an exclusive interview with The aL-hAJJ, the former Biakoye Member of Parliament (MP), former Majority Leader in Parliament and former Agric Minister, noted that almost all the positions in the party are open to election, therefore there may be instances where incumbent executives would make way for fresh hands as is the case in any democratic institution. �In every democratic society, positions are open to competition�man-goes, man comes. Before the congress I prepared myself for any outcome so I was not hurt by the outcome of the congress�, the best I can do now is to help the party retain power in 2016,� Dr Kwabena Adjei noted. That notwithstanding, Wayo Wayo as the former NDC chairman is popularly called, said he would maintain a deafening silence for three months after which he would announce the roles he would play in the ruling party to help the party and government retain power in 2016. News went viral on social media last week that moves by a high-powered delegation led by Vice-president Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur to reconcile Dr Kwabena Adjei with the incumbent National Chairman was dashed following the former Chairman�s rejection of an invitation to a reconciliation meeting at the Peduase Lodge. Members of the vice-president�s team that visited Dr Adjei included the newly elected National Chairman, Mr. Kofi Portuphy; General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketsia and former National Organizer, Mr. Yaw Boateng Gyan. At the said meeting Dr Adjei was alleged to have told the Amissah Arthur-led team that it would be needless for him to attend a reconciliation meeting because the outcome of the NDC congress shows that he has lost clout in the party. But in an exclusive interview with this paper, Dr Adjei rebuffed all those claims, saying �it is not true that I�m angry because I lost the election. What happened was that Kofi (Portuphy) sent one of his boys with an invitation letter to attend a meeting at the Peduase Lodge. The boy left the letter at the gate and I thought that was disrespectful, so when I heard that Kofi was preparing to visit me at home, I insisted that he comes with the vice-president.� He continued, �When they came I explained to them why I can�t attend the Peduase meeting�the invitation came late and it also came at a time I had planned for a thanksgiving service, more so it was at a time there was some disturbing activity at my hometown. I can�t go partying when my hometown is on fire.� According to him, he took advantage of the meeting to advise Kofi Portuphy to call his supporters to order, saying �at this time what we need is unity�you can�t win election with a divided party.� Dr Ajei noted.