AFAG: Fuel Reduction Insults: Blame Government

To insult Ghanaians over persistent pressure on government to reduce fuel prices is way over the edge. This is how our incompetent and indecision President John Mahama have reduced shameful governance. How on earth will a president look on as his communicators verbally abuse citizens in search of their welfare? AFAG would have treated Ametor Quame's comment as one of those nonsensical loathsome from a mediocre and unaccomplished mind. But for his psychosis, and the inability for government and the NDC to condemn him, we can categorically state that, the NDC and for that matter the President, are enjoying the insults hurled on Ghanaians by a so-called NHIA consultant. What is also worrisome, is the fact that, Ametor Quame, a so called NHIA consultant, cannot afford a square meal a day without his expenses being paid by the tax payer he is insulting. As a retiree, and an NDC/ government communicator, Ametor Quame can merely be described as an opportunist bigot suffering from a complex; A complex that bothers on an unexpected but successful livelihood after retirement. He has nothing to boast of his wasteful years as a worker. Ametor Quame therefore should be grateful to the good people of this country for voting the NDC to power in 2008 to earn him some sustainable income other than insulting us. Indeed, but for the NDC victory in 2008 he will have remained a pauper. Regardless of the insult by the NDC (Ride bicycles to work if you can�t afford fuel. Mr. Ametor Quame says those protesting against the current price of petroleum products can show their displeasure by refusing to buy them, rather than attacking persons in authority), we will continue to press forward for the "yentie obiaa" government led by president John Mahama to see reason in decreasing fuel prices by a further 30%. The president and his NDC have lost touch with the basic needs of Ghanaians. More so when the president has no bills to pay and can now afford to send his children to the best schools abroad to study. Spending billions of cedis on his children abroad. It is apparent that, the president will not see reason to decrease fuel prices. He assumes there is equity and equality in Ghana. Absolutely irrational Mr. President, exonerate yourself if you don�t have a hand in the fuel reduction insults, by sparing the already sinking image of the NHIA with an advice to the NHIA boss to sack Ametor Quame. Besides, we are advising you and your men to refrain from ridiculing and insulting Ghanaians in search of social justice. God save Ghana