Praye Tietia Changes His Name To Cartel Big J and Releases First Single

Cartel Big J (Praye Tietia) a former member of the Praye group, has announced that all is set for the release of his maiden album this year.

The eight track album has good danceable songs and most of the songs are fast mid-tempo with a beautiful rhythm and a great bass tune and drum beats to match.

The album features the use of vast resources of indigenous Ghanaian rhythms to create refreshing compositions and rearrangements that trend to capture and sustain the interesting of the listener.

The lyrics on the album were carefully chosen in order to communicate to everybody, and all the songs on the album have high soul touching themes.

Praye tietia who is now known as Cartel Big J, has also disclosed that his first single would be released on January 30, 2015 whilst other music would also follow up.

“My fans should expect a great piece of musical work from me. I believe in my product and have worked to come out with the best, I believe my album will speak for itself,” he concluded.