UFP Chases Odike For Cars

The United Front Party (UFP) is on the heels of its 2012 presidential candidate, Akwasi Addai aka Odike, who is said to be in possession of three pickup vehicles belonging to the party.

Odike left the UFP a few days ago after he had battled to no avail to control the party, to form his own political party which goes by the name United Progressive Party (UPP.)

Nana Agyenim Boateng, who is known in political circles as Gyataba, the UFP National Chairman, said Odike had failed to surrender the party’s property in his possession.

Speaking in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, he alleged that three pickup vehicles which were donated to the party were still being kept by Odike, even though he is no longer with the UFP.

Gyataba, despite being pushed to the wall, refused to mention those who donated the cars to the UFP, and only said that the cars were presented to the UFP to campaign towards the 2012 polls.

With a grim face, he urged Odike to surrender the vehicles with immediate effect for peace to prevail, stressing that the UFP would go every length to retrieve them.

The UFP National Chairman did not rule out the possibility of the UFP heading to the law courts to retrieve the cars from Odike saying, “The cars belong to the UFP and we shall take them back.”

Gyataba, who had openly battled with Odike over control of the UFP for some months the latter exited the party, said the entire UFP family was happy that Odike had finally left.

According to him, his departure was a blessing for the Kumasi-based political party, insisting that Odike’s presence greatly hurt the image and growth of the UFP.

“If a person who openly curses people with the Antoa Nyamah deity is your flagbearer, naturally his presence alone would put so many people off,” Gyataba pointed out.

He disclosed that he had received several calls from people who had declared their willingness to join the UFP “now that Odike is out of the party; his exit is a blessing to the UFP.”

Sounding elated, Gyataba stated that UFP’s membership would increase significantly in the coming weeks.

He announced that the UFP was even stronger and poised to make great impact during the upcoming presidential and parliamentary polls, adding that there is total peace and unity in the party now.

Despite Odike’s departure, Gyataba disclosed that the UFP still has other contentious issue with him (Odike) which is pending before court in Accra, though he stopped short of giving any details.