“Buhari is A Sick, Old Man”, - NDC MP

Deputy  Minister of Water Resources, Works & Housing, Samson Ahi, has described the frontrunner in the upcoming Nigerian election, General Buhari, as sick, old man” who will lose the March 28 general election.

According to Samson Ahi, who was speaking to students of the Sefwi Wiawso College of Education, “if you look at Nigeria, they also have an old man there who instead of taking care of his grandchildren, is desperate to be President and to unseat the young man. It is the same story we have in Ghana. If you look at Nigeria again, you will see that the Nigerians have rejected that old man several times but he still wants to run and it is the same in Ghana too. If you look in Nigeria the old man wants to do everything to win power and it is the same in Ghana.

In view of this, Samson Ahi, stated that it was time for citizens of both Nigeria and Ghana to retire permanently “sick, old opposition leaders so as to pave way for the new generation of African leaders.”