Bawku Student Raped

Female students of the Bawku Secondary Technical School are living in fear after a first-year student (name withheld) was raped on March 14, 2015 by two young men when she answered nature’s call on a fallow land behind the girls’ dormitory after an entertainment programme on Saturday night.

Some of the girls, who spoke to DAILY GUIDE at the school on Friday, March 20, claimed a certain man appears on the top floor of the dormitory periodically to fondle the girls at night.

The girls, in an interview with the paper, failed to identify a single victim who had been attacked by the said man.

The school’s authorities, the girls noted, had not taken any concrete steps to improve security at the girls’ dormitory.

The victim answered nature’s call at a place less than 100 meters away from the dormitory around 10:00pm.

According to the girls, the victim told her friends that while defecating, three young men grabbed her from behind, pushed her to the ground and two forcibly had sex with her in turns and run away. She could not identify them.

The open defecation is popularly referred to as “journey to Morocco’ by the girls.

The only KVIP facility close to the girls’ dormitory has been full since 2013 which has compelled the girls to engage in open defecation day and night to prevent contracting diseases.

The case was reported to the school authorities on Monday March 16, and later to the victim’s family and Police who moved to the school to commence their investigations.

According to the girls, nothing has been heard from the headmistress and the police.

When DAILY GUIDE contacted the housemistress on phone, she refused to comment on the matter. Elizabeth Apibil, the headmistress, also refused to answer questions as to why the KVIP has not been emptied since 2013.

She failed to reveal plans to boost security at the girls’ dormitory, which is isolated.