Ben Brako Is NOT Dead- MUSIGA

There has being some unfounded rumours making rounds that Highlife Singer Ben Brako has passed and this caught the attention the Musician Union of Ghana and they have issues a statement dismissing the rumours. Read the unedited press statement below: It has come to the attention of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) that there are rumours going round on social media particularly Facebook that highlife exponent Ben Brako is dead. MUSIGA would like to categorically deny this rumour and tell Ben�s teeming fans and friends alike that Ben is doing well. Ben would like to assure his fans that �I am alive and kicking and looking forward to my next gig�. On Saturday social media was buzzing with rumours of Mr Brako�s death and leading players in the industry who have spoken to him have expressed their distaste at the rumours. Ex-MUSIGA President Diana Hopeson who spoke with Ben on Saturday was unenthused about the rumour and MUSIGA President Obour also expressed his dismay at the rumours. Ben Brako last performed at the MUSIGA Honors event at the National Theatre on Friday March 6 this year. Signed Ahuma Bosco Ocansey Dir Communications and Special Projects MUSIGA