Parts Of Accra Flooded

A downpour in Accra in the early hours of yesterday caused floods in some parts of the national capital.

Even though no serious damage or casualties were reported, the downpour, which lasted for about three hours, caused inconveniences to both drivers and pedestrians as movements on the flooded roads became difficult.

The rains started at about 8 a.m., just at the time children and workers were both leaving for school and work, and lasted for more than three hours, leaving many residents stranded. A lot of people, including children, were caught in the rains without umbrellas and/or raincoats.

Pedestrians, including schoolchildren, had to meander their way through the marsh as they struggled to prevent soiling their clothes, thus compelling some of them to arrive late to work and school.

At Odorkor, some schoolchildren were seen loitering instead of being in school. When interviewed, they told the Daily Graphic that the rain started just when they stepped out of their homes, hence their inability to go to school.

The floods caused heavy vehicular traffic and sections of the road Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the Kaneshie First Light, Kwashieman, Darkuman and Santa Maria were completely submerged.

Many shops were also closed as business activities slowed down until around midday when the city bounced back to life.