Nigeria�s Opposition Party Uses Sidney�s �Africa Money� As Campaign Song

Nigeria’s opposition party, All Progressives Congress’ (APC) Presidential candidate; Muhammadu Buhari is reported to have been using Ghanaian controversial Sidney’s ‘Africa Money’ song as one of the party’s main campaign song.

According to Sidney, he was told by a friend pastor of Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria, Rich Meals whom he featured on one of the songs on his upcoming album tilted, ‘Monkey come down’; “after the production of the song which I needed the Nigerian Ibo language in, Rich Meals and I agreed that he promotes the song in Nigeria before I officially releases it here in Ghana.”

“So when he started promoting the song in Nigeria, but the needed attention wasn’t given to ‘Monkey come down’ instead his 2008 hit song, ‘Africa Money’ had all the attention due to the opposition party’s use as one of its main campaign song to rally against the ruling government,  People's Democratic Party (PDP),” he said in an interview with AmaLarbieAfrica.

Due to the new development, Rich Meals informed Barima Sidney about it after which he approached the gurus of All Progressive Congress to discuss the business aspect for using the song on behalf of the Ghanaian act although they later contacted him officially;

“After he met with the gurus, according to Rich Meals, who went negotiating on my behalf, they concluded that I perform at the party’s last but biggest rally at a yet-to-be disclosed State (venue) and date ahead of the Presidential election slated for this Saturday, March 28, 2015,” he reckoned.

According to Sidney, he is quite worried as it is the Ibo pastor taking care of his dealings because he has no management team who can officially talk the deal with the All Progressive Congress gurus on his behalf in Nigeria;

“I am worried because it was Goodies (before his incarceration over a cocaine saga) who took ‘Africa Money’ to Kennis Music in Nigerian upon its release in early 2008 and that lead to my first visit to the country; so, now that it has gained this massive attention there as well as Kiki Banson who supported me here in Ghana,” he lamented.

Adding, “but what I am confused about is the fact that it is barely 2-days to the election day and I doubt, the rally-performance Rich Meal communicated to me would come on. However, my major concern is that, I would be noted as one of the African musicians, who used music to fight against corruption as well as the mouth-piece of citizens in various countries just Fela Kuti did some year ago.”

‘Africa Money’ features Morris Babyface; the song was launched at the Parle de Congre in Togo in April 2008 organized by a man called Bienvenu and financed by footballer Emmanuel Adebayor together with his then manager, Oumar Diagne; Barima Sidney has toured countries including Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria (Warri), Burkina Faso, Equitorial Guinea, Mali, Chad, and Liberia, among others; “all for campaign reasons,” he indicated.

Just like the NDC Party who were in opposition in 2008 used the song, ‘Africa Money’ to campaign and overthrew then ruling government, NPP as well as it happened in Ivory Coast; could history be repeating itself in Nigeria?

Watch the video below:

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