Allotey Jacobs Asked To Stop Interfering In Premix Issues

The Premix Management Committee at Elmina has taken on the Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Mr Allotey Jacobs and asked him to stop interfering in issues that had to do with premix fuel.

The Chairman of the committee, Nana Akonu, noted that there had been too much politicisation of issues concerning premix fuel.

He said this was negatively affecting the activities of premix committees and fishing in general.

At a press conference to express their displeasure about comments made by Mr Jacobs about alleged diversion and hoarding of premix fuel at Elmina, Nana Akonu said the committee was prepared for auditors to audit their accounts.

“We are not diverting fuel. We are not hoarding premix fuel here. We beg the politicians to take the politics somewhere else,” he said.

He said no party chairman had ever interfered with the management of the premix and appealed to him to not start it.

Nana Akonu said there were records on physical projects undertaken by the committee with the profits from the sale of the premix fuel.


He said allegations of diversion and hoarding made by Mr Jacobs were not true.

He added that the committee was currently building a maternity ward for the Terterkesim health facility.

The committee, he stated, had also supported flood victims at Atabadze with roofing sheets and given support to brilliant needy students in the community from the proceeds from the sale of the premix fuel.

He said it was worrying that the committee had been cited wrongly in comments by Mr Jacobs and urged him to contact the committee for clarification on whatever he did not understand.

He urged politicians to leave fishing issues to fishermen to solve.

Last Sunday, Mr Jacobs, in an interview with the press after a press soiree in Cape Coast, said there had been cases of diversion and hoarding by some premix committees, citing Elmina in particular and said these committees needed to be dissolved.