Armed Robbery On Ascendency

If the random survey of listener experience in the hands of armed robbers, conducted by Peace FM, is anything to go by, every indication is that the current spate of armed robbery incidents in the country is becoming more rampant. The live call-in interview with various victims revealed that the robbers do not discriminate in who they attack, be they male or female, high ranking government official or low profile private citizen. Just about five days ago, gunmen snatched a military vehicle from unarmed military personnel in the vicinity of Obuasi.Although the car has been retrieved, the incident points to the fact that the situation warrants serious, urgent attention.Sharing his experience on the Kokrokoo show this morning, Solar Ayew, a businessman who also happens to be the brother of the former captain of Black Stars, Abedi Ayew Pele, disclosed that he was attacked in his house at night. He said his family was hacked down whiles his finger was cut off in the heist. In the end the robbers took away his cash amount of $55,000 dollars. A former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Techiman, Mr. Prince Donyina also disclosed that he was held at gun point in his house and subsequently robbed of cash, laptop computer and other belongings. The senior pastor of Heaven Gate Ministry, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as ‘kumchacha’ also told Peace FM that he was attacked on his way home and his car which contained offering from church snatched from him. Other victims who also shared their experiences included staff of Peace FM namely, Kofi Kum Bilson, Billy Ocean (afrafrahene) and Akwasi Aboagye. It was revealed that the robbers generally come in groups, often numbering four or more, with each armed. Some lay in wait on their victims at their home gates, pouncing on them as they enter while others attack on roads, using taxi cabs and motorcycles to block their victims" paths. When the attack happens at home, children are not spared. Some unfortunate women get raped while victims"communication links with the outside world are cut, rendering them helpless. The proliferation of guns in the country was mentioned as one of the main causes of the problem. “We are therefore appealing to the government to adopt stricter measures on gun acquisition in the country to help deal with the high incidence of armed robbery and also find a means to protect us”, the victims cried out to government.