Ladies Seek Spiritual Help To Charm Footballers - Prophet

Prophet Agya Dan, founder and leader of Power Revelation Ministry has made a shocking revelation that a lot of ladies often parade around with photographs of footballers, including Black Stars players seeking for spiritual favour to win their hearts chiefly aimed at extorting money from the players.

"In my church a lot of ladies do bring pictures of players for us to spiritually charm them so as to extort money from those players but we do reject those things. But if she takes it to a fetish priest she will have her way and if it happens that way it will be very difficult for that player to progress in life," Prophet Agya Dan told in an interview.

“The reason why some ladies come for spiritual charm against certain players are because of broken hearts they received from those players. I can say that the current Black Stars players I do have one player's picture in my room, the players must concentrate on their football career and stop the habit of chasing ladies because certain ladies are very wicked," the powerful man of God noted.

He also had loads of words of advice for both footballers and the women who perpetrate such acts of seeking spiritual charms.

“Many players lose their strength because of alcohol, so my advice for the up and coming and past players is to avoid the drinking of alcohol because football is a work from God. In the past if someone scored a goal they said it's a 'Mallam goal' but now if you score a goal it's not a 'Mallam goal' but a goal from God," Prophet Dan cautioned.

“It's not every woman that if you marry you will progress in your football career because football is a gift from God. As a player if you can’t marry, just have one lady as your companion but certain players now have the habit of chasing ladies all over," he added.

Prophet Agya Dan concluded with a warning to the ladies: "If you want to win someone’s mind spiritually it has a lot of negative implications so my advice for the ladies is that if the player is not your husband just leave him alone."