Snakes Invade Constituency

Poisonous snakes have invaded the Yagaba-Kubori constituency of the Northern Region. Four people have so far died in the last few weeks from snake bites either on their farms or in their homes. Over a dozen others are currently on admission in hospitals in the area receiving medical attention, after having been bitten by the snakes. Speaking to citinews the Member of Parliament Hon Abdul Ibrahim Tanko, said the situation is almost at a crisis point and requires urgent attention. He blames the unfortunate situation on the current change in weather. “It is as a result of the change in weather. When it rains and water enters into the hideouts of the snakes they come out into the villages. Because of the poverty in the area the people are unable to acquire flash lights to use to walk in the night and then those who are unfortunate sometimes step on them and then they are bitten by the snakes.” Hon Tanko told citi news he has begun taking urgent steps to help contain the situation in the constituency. He disclosed that he has already reported the situation to the Minister of health who has expressed his willingness to curb the situation and also support those who have been bitten by the snakes. As a first measure, the Hon. MP for Yagaba-Kubori constituency says he is liaising with the Ministry of health to acquire anti snake serum to help victims of the snake bite. “The first thing is to make sure we get the anti snake serum…we don’t have anti snake serum in the area that is why I informed the minister and he is willing to assist solve that problem.” He said.