Toothless Lion

We are worried about the reported spate of killings at atadeka, a new settlement in the Kpone-Katamanso District near Tema in the Greater accra region.

Just last Sunday a bubbling girl of seven years, Ruth Ankomah, was allegedly killed by a Togolese mason living in the vicinity. The suspect is already in police grips and we hope that the security agency will fish out the brains behind the heinous crime.

The latest incident is said to be the fourth in this small community in recent times. Wow! What a shock!

We can only commiserate with the family of little Ruth and share in their grief at this moment as we pray for the eternal rest of her soul.

It is sad that the life of a promising young girl would cruelly be terminated by the megalomaniacs.

We are informed that the Greater Accra Regional Minister and MP for the area, Joseph Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo, otherwise known as Lion, had visited the bereaved family roaring as usual. Lion indeed!

The minister, who is the chairman of the Regional Security Council, launched into tantrums, virtually accusing the police of not doing their work and threatening to send all the police officers at the Ashaiman Divisional Command parking because he claims he does not have confidence in them.

Their crime: They have been compromised and therefore need to be sent to remote areas as a punishment for their ‘offence.’

This move can only be described as outrageous and outlandish for the chairman of a security council to talk loosely as if he was high at the time he was ranting.

If indeed there is evidence of compromise on the part of the police in acting against public interest, transfer would not be the solution. A bad police is a bad police. Period. A proper sanction should rather be meted out to them and not a mere transfer simply because they refuse to carry out unlawful instructions by just arresting people for going against your business interest.

Shouting and raving will only add to the pains of the bereaved family. What the family members need at this time is nothing but justice by bringing the perpetrators to book instead of crying wolf.

Mr Lion, you claim that you know the perpetrators who allegedly engaged the Togolese mason to perpetrate the heinous crime; why are you waiting? For a security chief, the best approach is to lead your men to where the alleged suspects reside and grab them rather than throwing your weight in the air.

Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo, Lion, we want action not empty threats that lead us nowhere.

The family of Ruth Ankomah, we reiterate, deserves justice not threats of sending the Ashaiman policemen to Wenchi, Techiman and all the other places you referred to as remote.

We hope the Wenchi and Techiman people will not take offence at the description of their revered towns as remote areas deserving bad cops. What a warped and incongruous suggestion from REGSEC chairman. What a wow! Crime rate in the region is rising, with armed robbers running riot, killing and maiming innocent people like the recent incident at Santa Maria where a heavily pregnant woman lost her loving husband to their bullets.

Lion, we need action to subdue violent crimes in the region. We are tired of your bragging right.