The Never Ending Battle Of The Bitters Market

The bitters market is relatively young in the Ghanaian economy. However many bitters brands have come onto the market but couldn’t spend more time on their tuff.


Creating a new market in a growing Ghanaian economy has never come easy. Most indigenous market created by indigenes who out of passion and innovation, come up with various alcoholic products but the question remains, can they stand the test of time?


Trends have shown that the preference of alcohol consumers has changed over the years due to various factors, notably, the taste and price of other liquors as compared to bitters as well as the medicinal advantages that these bitters possess. Above all, advertisement continue to a major influencing factor.


The bitters market in West Africa which arguably started right here in Ghana some three decades ago has seen many bitters brands passing through the system. Names like Pusher Gin Bitters, Captains Bitters, Ogidigidi, Target Bitters and others all passed through the system but today when mentioned are nowhere to be found on the market. Its either consumers lost interest in those bitters or might be due to certain reasons best known to manufacturers of those brand.


In recent times, a plethora of bitters brands have flooded the market. Notable ones include Joy Dadi, Pashew Bitters, Don Papa Ginseng Bitters, Agya Appiah Bitters among others who very are aggressive in the market and one does not go through a day with RTDs (ready-to-drink).


The bitters market has become so ripe that Guinness Ghana who are not known for bitters has introduced their first bitters product onto the Ghanaian market called Orijin Bitters trying to eat into a market created by Ghanaians for Ghanaians. Only time will tell whether Orijin is here to stay or also fade away just like the lots.


Not all bitters have faded, one that has stood the test of time since the dawn of the bitters market is Alomo Bitters.


Arguably the most popular and oldest bitters in Ghana, Alomo Bitters over the years has proven to be a great success to the extent that the product was one of five global liquors that will go big, according to a poll conducted by the CNN Money in 2013.


Can these new bitters stand the test of time just as the way Alomo Bitters has? Only time will tell