Rome Was Also Not Detroyed In A Day


"Rome wasn't built in a day. They had unions."
Old joke, but it wasn't destroyed in a day. Indeed, it took years. Some would argue decades. (Still others would argue centuries.) The first "barbarian" invaders in the early 5th century wanted to capture Rome, but not destroy it. The sack of Rome in 401-410 by Alaric the Visigoth was only the beginning. But the major centers of Rome were not just the Italian peninsula.

Under Gaiseric, the Vandals took northern Aftica starting in 429, a major grain supply to Rome. The Huns came a decade later. But by the end of the 4th century the "Roman Empire" was divided into East and West. It would take centuries before the East fell.

Trying to figure out why great innovation can't be completed right away is a fool's errand. It ignores the process by which things naturally evolve.

"Rome wasn't built in a day." is a pretty meaningful quote and it has nothing to do with corruption and everything to do with how ideas progress over time. Rome was more than a collection of buildings. It was a government, an empire, a society, and a culture. When you take things solely at their face value, you fail to recognize the depth of thought and trial that went into their creation.

Do you know what separates great artists from the not-so-great artists? Was it skill? Insight? Creativity? It was potentially any of those, but truly it was time. Picasso created thousands of drawings and dozens or hundreds of iterations of paintings before coming to a final piece that you see in a museum. How much iteration did Mondrian do before he got to those great few pieces?

Rome, or any innovation, is not so different. Ideas develop on top of other ideas. They are honed and refined and through that process of development, new discoveries are made. Those new discoveries are then evaluated and created upon, leading to more honing and refinement. The cycle is endless. Do you believe the iPad would have been possible without 30 years of interface development preceding it?

Rome started with the Etruscans led by great Monarchs. Eventually that Monarchy came to an end, paving the road for the Roman Republic, a government which was organized to split power amongst two individuals rather than one, the Consuls. This gave way to the Senate, which gave way to the Tribune of the Plebs to give the lower class a voice. The development continues over the course of a millennium.

But how is it accelerated? Its an important question, but there's an easy answer: FAIL FASTER. The more we create, the more we understand about those creations which in turn allow us to create the next iteration that in turn teaches us more. Rome had a long history to fail and learn from its mistakes.

Rome wasn't built in a day. And certainly wasn't destroyed in a day.

Rawlings Left Ghana in Huge debts, In 2000, Ghana had a total debt of US$5.5 billion. Ghana was already tagged as a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) before ex-President Kufuor took over the reigns of power in year 2000.

Ghana was classified as a HIPC country in 1998-1999 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank few years before the New Patriotic Party (NPP) began ruling the nation.

Although the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government at the time made attempts to salvage the situation, it did not have the courage to turn things around.

Kufuor administration - in March, 2001 - went HIPC by only accepting the reality on the ground.

Mills-led government took over power in 2009, it did not inherit a HIPC economy.

Kufuor did not leave Ghana a HIPC country; he left it with some debt burden but not a HIPC country.

There was no government in Ghanaian history that had prosecuted a massive developmental agenda without sustaining debt.

Ghana is no longer the economy it used to be before 2001.

The country’s economy had expanded to that of a middle-income country with oil and gas resources. President Mills and President Mahama inherited a good economy, unlike President Kufuor in 2001. Had the current Government of President Mahama continued with the good works of Kufuor’s administration we would not have been here as a country. After a decade Ghana is now back the door steps of IMF. Seeking bailout. American basic cable and satellite television channel, Cable News Network (CNN) has labeled Ghana’s economy as ailing. After IMF said Ghana is the world’s fastest growing economy in 2011

Rome they say was not built in a day and with certainty I am saying it was also not also destroyed in a day.

To forget that Mr. Terkper and President Mahama once told Ghanaians that the economy is about to take off , so soon, then it seems Mr. Dumelo is having a short memory as stated by President Mahama. Rome was not destroyed in a day like how President Mahama had destroyed Ghana.

If Mr. Dumelo can tell us how long it took Romans to build Rome, then, we can wait.

If Mr. Dumelo can tell us that Rome was built in darkness. Then we will wait. Mr. Dumelo should know that The Economy of Ghana is not Brazil world cup 2014. Mr. Dumelo and those behind the "Rome was not built in a day" whenever President Mahama is criticized, should also bear in mind that Rome was not destroyed in a day like president has done. Rome was not built in a day, Yes! Romans never bribed journalist with soli neither were they stealing from the building materials.

On a Dumsor note Mr Dumelo, we can neither watch your movies with candles, lantern or bobo( yokuyo).

A leader must have a vision, foresight so he does not lead his followers into darkness. This leader did not look far enough.

Rome was not built in a day, but it was built EVERYDAY it certainly was not built by destroying what was built yesterday.

Julius W. Ayerh Afedi

(Member of Critical Thinkers)