Victory Party: Mayweather Gets $15,000 Cake (PHOTO)

We'd probably all like to forget it ever happened, but it's only been one month since Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao in the worst Dancing with the Stars finale of all time. Of course, that hasn't stopped the 38-year-old from celebrating the fight of the century like it was yesterday.

Mayweather took to the sunny beaches of Miami over the weekend to kick back, relax, use one of those awesome jetpacks and party with his Money Team amigos. As you'd expect from the man who has been known to flaunt his wealth on occasion, nothing about it was low-key. Not even the desserts.

According to TMZ, Divine Delicacies presented Mayweather with a $15,000 cake when his entourage rolled up to LIV Nightclub, which might just be the most Money sentence ever written. The tasty treat, which touted his sparking 48-0 record and featured Floyd's grinning mug on a $100 bill, reportedly weighed 90 pounds and was covered with more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals, making it the most opulent baked item since Susan Sarandon showed up to the Golden Globes.

Ah, whatever. Nothing Mayweather does should come as a surprise anymore. That includes betting on NBA games and walking away with $820,000.

In a detail that is either absolutely maddening, totally amazing or completely Floyd, Money didn't let anyone in his group touch the cake until the party was over (actual line in the TMZ story: "At one point Floyd said, 'I'm serious about nobody cutting my cake!'") And, no, they came nowhere close to finishing the lemon rum dessert that weighed as much as a bag of concrete. Who would've guessed?

A cynic might suggest the money could've been put towards something better – like covering people in fondant – then again, most cynics have never been presented with a $15,000 cake while some DJ shouts "The word champ is in this bitch!" Judge not, haters.