�Yenko Nkoaa� Hit MakervEduwodzi Resurfaces

Many will agree that, the musical career of the ‘Yenko Nkoaa’ hit maker, Eduwodzi has not been successful over the years - indisputably, he has been off the musical game.

His song Yenko Nkoaa which was released in 2011 saw massive airplay across the country and can still resonate on any day and compete with current songs trending.

Born Raymond Eduwodzi Gbedze is certainly one of the best Ghana has seen when it comes to putting lyrical content into danceable tunes.

“Eduwodzi” which simply means conqueror in the Ewe language is a Ghanaian young Hip Life artiste born in the 80s. He hails from Volo, Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana but was raised in Tema.

His versatility in the music industry made him one of the fastest growing upcoming artists in Ghana, making Tigo Ghana contact his management for his smash hit Yenko Nkoaa song to better their latest TV Commercial Yenso Nkoaa.

Asked how he feels about the fact that his song was used for the latest Tigo Ghana commercial, Eduwodzi was more than excited and thanked Tigo Ghana for the opportunity.

His music career all began when he was in Somanya Technical School, when he used to be the best rapper at the time in different schools. Eduwodzi’s love for music grew more and stronger and therefore decided to take his music to the career professional level.

He has featured many musicians such as Bradez, Stoneboy but his biggest of all is Yenko Nkoaa featuring Stay Jay. Yenko Nkoaa put his name out as one of the hardworking rappers to look out for.

Aside that, he has two other singles ‘Shepule’ and ‘I Don’t Care’ featuring his Ewe brother, Edem and Chemphe.

Life without a hit from a musician in Ghana is not easy but the call from Tigo Ghana to air his song with their new promo dubbed ‘Yenso Nkoaa’ may have come at the right time and changed whatever condition that he was in.

Eduwodzi admitted that his call from Tigo Ghana has been a major breakthrough in his music career after he faded out of the system.

This has revived his fan base and has made him begin to make name again in the industry. He earlier this year released a new single ‘Temptation’ which has to do with issues in the music industry. ‘Akyealenge’ is his current song which is still struggling the attention that Yenko Nkoaa got.

His Management has reassured his enormous fans to stay put as there is more to come from him. Indeed, Tigo Ghana’s Yensor Nkoaa campaign has resurrected the career of Eduwodzi.