We Don't Sing Like Nigerians - Gallaxy

Hiplife duo Randsford Ohene and David Agyewuda, who together are Gallaxy, have debunked allegations that their style of singing is Nigerian. The group have over the years exhibited their lyrically dexterity in Pidgin english, resulting in some Ghanaians tagging them as Nigerians but the duo disagree that pidgin music is foreign to Ghanaian. " Pidgin music is not for Nigerians, we have a lot of countries in Africa that speak pidgin and Ghana is one, so (because)Nigeria (has)taken the lead in singing pidgin and making it big, people think when you sing in pidgin, you sing like a Nigerian (but) if you listen to some of our old hilife song, our oldies were singing in pidgin�. David Agyewuda, a member of the group defends their choice of rhythm as their strategy is to penetrate boundaries. "I think music is not just about show, we have the business aspect, it is show business, we have a plan or strategy we want to use which is the kind of market we are targeting and we notice hilife representing Ghana and afro beat or afropop is selling Africa to the world now, like the Nigerian are doing so we as a group or music brand think we have to do something that would have a larger market than just looking at the Ghanaian market�. The "Boo Boo" singers commenting on Sarkodie, Acehood�s "New guy" collaboration on Hitz fm's �entertainment this week�show with Mzgee described the song as dope and hailed the rapper for his initiative. They added that is the yearning of every musician to break through larger markets.