Court Dismisses Case Against SHC

An Accra High Court presided over by Justice John Ajet Nasam, has dismissed a case brought against State Housing Corporation (SHC), halting the Aprotech Estates project.

On August 17, 2009, the plaintiffs field a writ of summons seeking the declaration that the housing units constituting Aprotech Estates belong to them and are seeking an order of ejection of the defendants.

The plaintiffs were also seeking recovery of possession of land, damages for trespass; and for defendants’ interference with the housing project; perpetual Injunction and costs.

The judge said the land on, which the housing units are located, was properly acquired by the government.

Mr Justice Nasam said the overwhelming evidence is that, SHC did not build the housing units and therefore cannot be said to have ownership of those properties.

He said the best way out is the plaintiffs if they think they are entitled to any compensation at all is to dialogue with SHC and the Ministry of Works and Housing.

“The plaintiffs cannot lay absolute claim to the housing units for Aprotech Housing Scheme Limited because… Aprotech Housing Scheme when it was initiated was not a limited liability company.

“I am however of the view that, the SHC engaged the appropriate government agency as to the fate of the housing units, as to who should be granted the authority over them.