Miss Universe Ghana Turns Actress

Miss Universe Ghana 2014, ABENA APPIAH has had her first acting role in the upcoming short film, ‘Meri Mary Mari’. The multi talented beauty, who is also a model, musician and aspiring fashion entrepreneur, plays a triplicate role in ‘Meri Mary Mari.’

The short film produced by Michelle Cannon was shot in Los Angeles and NewYork and is expected to be released this September. The formidable triplicate role required Abena to bring three distinct characterizations to the screen – a role of a lifetime that few seasoned actresses can handle. Abena blew the producers away with her audition; she was created three distinct characters with different physicality and vocal styles. Here is a quick insight into the 3 characters and what to expect in September.


A young woman, Meri lives in Brooklyn, NY with a very handsome male roommate, Ricky. Meri has a huge crush on the charismatic young man who is fond of the ladies but his relationship with Meri is purely platonic. Meri suffers in silence as she smiles sweetly, proffers continual encouragement and even bestows gifts as she observes Ricky progressing in his career as a performer.

Ricky is unaware of Meri’s true feelings towards him but he is, however, aware of the fact that while his own life is progressing, Meri seems stuck in her life. He encourages her, therefore, to go out more and enjoy her own life.

Meri is a complicated young woman, sweet but moody and introspective. Physically, she is somewhat frail and suffers from nosebleeds. Recently, she has been plagued with recurring nightmares.

Truthfully, Meri has a hapless life and has been living vicariously through Ricky, so she heeds his advice and goes out one evening to a networking function with her “frenemy” Rosalyn. Meri and Rosalyn are nothing alike but Meri really has no friends and hangs out with Rosalyn because there is no one else. Meri doesn’t even understand why she has Rosalyn in her life. Usually the two women stay at one another’s apartments, watch movies and order takeout. Ricky always chides Meri and tells her neither she nor Rosalyn will ever meet a man like that.

Meri does want true love and an exciting life to find her. Little does she know that on a seemingly uneventful evening out with Rosalyn, her life would embark upon a dramatic whirlwind.

Meri excuses herself to go to the Ladies Room and while looking in the mirror, her phone rings. In efforts to find a phone signal, she exits out the basement door and something strange happens. She exits a door which finds her exiting the front of the bar. As she tries to figure out how that is logistically possible, a woman exits the bar who looks just like Meri.

Meet Mary, a brash, glamazon with no filter and a penchant for quoting classic literature. She is a writer and English professor by trade who loves to drink. She’s nothing like Meri but looks just like her because somehow, Meri has gone through a portal to a parallel universe where everything looks familiar but is totally different from Meri’s world.


Mary is not surprised when she meets Meri because quantum leaping between dimensions is something she is very familiar with.

After a brief and incredibly unnerving encounter, Meri runs back to where she exited. Mary knows that she will see Meri again. In fact, Mary quantum leaps to another parallel world to tell yet another parallel “self” about meeting Meri.

Before she leaves however, she decides to call upon her own unrequited love with whom she continually ingratiates herself. See in parallel universes, the parallel selves are generally consistent with only slightly different scenarios. Mary has a “Ricky” too only her Ricky is named Dr. Richard Wilson and unlike Meri and Ricky, Mary and the handsome doctor have “history.” And Mary’s doctor is dating her friend, “Roz.” When Mary finds that out, she implodes and sets a plan in motion that will change everyone’s life across 3 dimensions.

An angry Mary quantum leaps and time travels to a parallel world in the year 2055 where MARI resides.


Mari lives in the apocalyptic future with her companion, Sgt. Richard (R.J.) Wilson (her Ricky/Dr. Richard). Mari is a soldier in the future. She’s strong, stoic and a survivor. Long ago, she survived an event as a child that she can’t really recall.

Operating vindictively, Mary presents a plan to Mari to provide a way of escape from her dangerous world, Mari is agreeable and has no qualms about leaving Sgt. R.J. behind. The crazy aspect of all of this is that Mary must kidnap Meri and bring her to Mari’s world and then have Mari take Meri’s place. See, no two parallel selves can occupy the same dimension.

What neither Meri nor Mari really know is that this “switcheroo” was orchestrated years ago when the women were children. Rosalyn and Roz know the truth, however.

Meri, Mary and Mari find out that destiny has a way of working itself out even across parallel worlds. Even true love is timeless and has a way of crossing parallel worlds.