The Disturbing Rise Of The Hyper-Sexualised Hip-hop 'Funkeiros In Brazil

An eight-year-old girl gets down on all fours and wiggles her rear from the stage of a packed club, egged on by a rowdy crowd of revellers.

An 14-year-old boy dances with a woman dressed as a teacher, surrounded by a group of young teen girls who girate in revealing miniskirts. A boy aged 12, draped by women thrusting their hips in G-string bikinis, raps: 'Get ready young girl, I know you like it, go shimmying down...'

In most parts of the world, such disturbing videos would provoke a national outcry - and arrests.

But in Brazil the children portrayed in these music clips are not seen as victims to be protected, but as celebrities. Each enjoys huge success, millions of online hits, and have hundreds of thousands of fans.