I Never Organised Reconciliation Press Conference � Agya Koo

Contrary to reports that Ghanaian actor Agya Koo had organised a press confab over the weekend to address matters concerning his aging frosty relationship with Kumasi movie producers, the actor has said that he was not the brain behind the said press conference. �It was not me per se that organised the press conference; rather, my brother who admitted offending me for so many years did in order for peace to prevail. I did not drag my feet but to honour the invitation for the benefit of all. �It�s been ages since we worked together; many had wondered why such a situation should happen and that led to prominent people coming in to resolve the issue. The press conference was organised by Sarfo of Peace and Love Films and Jones Agyemang who admitted that he had wronged me,� he said on Radio Univers� mid-morning show Brunch2Lunch with Abrantepa. Born Alexander Kofi Adu, Agya Koo has over the years accused movie producers of blacklisting him from featuring in their movies. But the producers explained that the actor exhibited gross arrogance and disrespect on location and set � a reason for their decision not to engage his services for years. They also accused him of charging exorbitant prices. The producers claim that the comic actor had been dictating to them whenever they went on location by deciding on who to act with and how long he stays there. In 2014, a movie �Agya Awieye� which was said to have been crafted around the seemingly challenging life of the actor, produced by Jones Agyemang [one of the producers he had an issue with] was intercepted by some stakeholders as they opted to buy the movie and pay the entire cost of production so as to prevent it from being released.