"My Insults Were Out of Creativity"- Agya Koo

Actor, Agya Koo opines that current movies are short of moral lessons. According to him, these movies come nowhere close to those that were shot six years ago considering the fact that the current ones are not fascinating to watch.

“For the past six years or so, it is not intriguing to watch local movies. The moral lessons, so to speak, are missing. It is now characterised by jokes and insults. My style was a comedy mixed with lessons. I never used ‘foolish’ on any one,” he said on Radio Univers’ mid-morning, Brunch2Lunch.

When the show host, Abrantepa, sought for clarity as to whether he really meant he never insulted in any movie he starred in, Agya Koo replied, “My sort of insults were out of creativity.

Compare some of my insults to someone saying ‘foolish’ and see which is worse. If I say, ‘your calf is like that of someone who plays a metallic ball’, that, certainly is better than saying you are stupid.”

He indicated that it was time movies producers focused on impacting society than only making money out of their productions.

“It was difficult for producers to ask me to play a supporting role because of how I acted. Did you even see me kiss or knead any lady in a movie? I just play around as if I am touching and we cut. Let’s not concentrate on only making money but impacting positively on the viewer,” he advised.

Agya Koo’s services have not been engaged by movie producers for more than three years following a feud between the two parties.

The producers claim that the actor exhibited gross arrogance and disrespect on location and on set.

They have said that the actor at a point could dictate to them as to who he wanted to act with or otherwise but the actor has denied the claims.

He alleges that he was axed for diabolic reasons. According to him, the cause of his blacklist was his decision not to go naked on set while shooting the Okomfo Anokye movie.

He has stated that his character has since been misinterpreted as being arrogant.

He is of the opinion that there has been a wicked conspiracy against him by some movie producers, in collaboration with actors, who are hell-bent on ending his career.