GMA Will Not Go To Labour Commission For Anything - GMA Gen. Secretary

Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Justice Yankson says the Association will not go to the National Labour Commission (NLC) for settlement of the conflict between them and the government.

Speaking in an interview with host Kwami Sefa Kayi on "kokrokoo" he stated that the Labour Commission does not care about the plight of medical doctors in the country.

“The Ghana Medical Association will not go to the Labour Commission for anything…We’re saying we want to stop the work, so why should we go to the Labour Commission? [2] Even if we won’t stop the work, the National Labour Commission has shown countless number of times that they do not care about doctor’s issues.”

According to him, the Association has vowed, as part of negotiations with government not to reveal the details in the media domain; however he stated emphatically that the government machinery wants to score political points with the doctors' issue.

He further stated on record that reports that the doctors are calling for 20% accommodation fees from government are nothing but lies.

“I’m stating on record that it’s a lie”, he stated further challenging government commentators to prove if any person has any “document or any doctor who’s a member of GMA, whose pay slip is written accommodation fee of 20 percent, let him show me.”

He added that, if they don't reach an agreement with government, they would be forced to put their tools down and resign en masse and resort to petty trading as there is more dignity in that.