You Cannot Win The Medical Doctors With Bias & Preconceived Ideas - Atik Mohammed Tells Gov't

Atik Mohammed, Policy Analyst of the People's National Convention (PNC), has called on government to address the conditions of the medical doctors with immediate effect.

Speaking on Peace FM, the PNC Communicator stressed the need for the government to reach a consensus with the medical doctors and ensure that they rescind their decisions.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has threatened to embark on a nationwide strike effective Thursday July 30.

The doctors have withdrawn all out-patient department (OPD) services over government's failure to provide them with their conditions of service after the expiration of the deadline on Wednesday.

Addressing the issue, Atik Mohammed advised the government to treat the doctors as friends and have a friendly dialogue with them.

He told host of "kokrokoo" programme, Kwami Sefa Kayi that the government cannot woo the doctors if it goes on the negotiation table with them already biased and prejudiced.

“Once you have that mindset, you go into the negotiation table already biased. And once you are prejudiced about the other party, whatever you do will not succeed. You must always come to the table with an open mind…Clear all preconceived ideas, all conceptions or misconceptions that you have about the party.”

He bemoaned the government's failure to review the doctors' condition of services, stressing that the nation is gradually "in an economic mess. With where we reached now; we’re inching towards Greece."