ATUABO: Parliament Must Call MPs To Order - MAC (STATEMENT)

We have observed with disquiet and shock, a statement issued by the Honorable Member of Parliament for Tema Central Constituency on 28th July 2015.

The said statement was purportedly issued on behalf of some four other MPs intent on frustrating the progress of the laudable Atuabo Freeport Project. It is instructive to note that, ordinarily, the Committee takes no issue with any Member(s) of Parliament seeking answers to questions regarding any project(s). However, such a quest becomes objectionable when it assumes the direction of mischief and a deliberate attempt to derail national progress.

It has become clear from the statement that, the MPs themselves do not seem to understand what they claim they are fighting for. Such confusion to all intents and purposes, can only be a function of malice cloaked in the pretence of protecting state institutions. In point of fact, the claim by these MPs that, their failed legal gymnastics are meant to protect the Takoradi Harbor from the so-called hazards of the Freeport, has been heavily defeated by the public utterances of the Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbor Authority; Mr Richard A.Y Anamoo. He underscored the fact that, the operations of the Atuabo Freeport do not in any way pose a threat to the survival and viability of the Takoradi Harbor. So where then lies the validity of their ‘protectionist claim’ over the Takoradi Harbor?

Politics as is often said, entails competition and cooperation. To this end, it becomes worrying when projects such as the Atuabo Freeport project with the prospects of creating jobs, giving meaning and effect to our local content policy in the oil and gas sector and more importantly, enhancing our economic development become targets for destructive and dark partisan attacks. If not for mischief and ill-motives, we shudder to see what these MPs hope to achieve by continually issuing threats after their very claim has been rendered moot by the words of the GHPA boss.

The Mass Action Committee raised concerns about the likely undesirable effects the actions of these MPs would have on the workings and independence of Parliament somewhere in October last year. We consequently call on the Parliamentary leadership especially on the Minority side, to call the MPs to order. We still strongly stand by that earlier position. The institution of Parliament should be protected from such destructive partisan tendencies, otherwise every decision by that House will become a matter for further legal determination defeating its essence and relevance.

In view of the MPs continued insistence on stalling the progress of the project, some pertinent questions are worth asking. These will help Ghanaians focus the discussion of this subject matter in its proper political economic context.

1. Are these MPs on this journey with the endorsement of the NPP’s leadership?
2. Have the MPs quantified the effect of this needless “back-pulling” on investor confidence in the sector?
3. What is the reason for the loud silence of the NPP’s leadership on this matter?
4. Has this action by the MPs got to do with any attempt to starve our beloved brothers and sisters in the Nzema land of deserved development?
5. And finally what do these MPs simply want?

Whereas we await answers to these questions, it is important to note that, the actions of these MPs are positioning their political establishment that has failed to call them to order in a bad light as regards their commitment to national development. To this end, the earlier they acted the better.

We wish to state that, the promise of a crusade to frustrate the project as contained in the Tema West MP’s statement will be met by a more than proportionate struggle to see the project survive. The Mass Action Committee’s orientation is rooted in the need to empower the masses of our people through employment, provision of social services and equitable distribution of national wealth among others. To this end, we will wage an unwavering struggle against anybody or group whose intention it is to overthrow the achievement of these objects for whatever reason (s).

We have a great country, together we can make it better.
God Bless Us All.

Atik Mohammed