Replace ‘Political Doctors’ With Cuban Doctors – Ade Coker Tells Govt

Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Kobina Ade Coker has called on the government to consider hiring more doctors from Cuba to replace striking Ghanaian doctors.

“If these doctors demand persists, then I urge government to just go to Cuba and recruit doctors into the country and pay them. It’s about time we told our doctors, enough is enough. The people of Ghana must rise up against them...,” he said.

Ade Coker speaking on Adom FM Friday further described the Ghanaian Doctors as ‘Political Doctors’ who are embarking on an ‘unnecessary’ strike action.

“…In fact, these doctors strike action is unnecessary. What then happens to the policeman who stands in traffic and in the sun for so many hours? They should stop being political doctors and be human doctors,” he said.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) declared a strike action on Wednesday after a crunch meeting with the Ministers of Employment and Labour Relations Finance and Health ended in a deadlock. This led to the suspension of all Out Patient Department (OPD) services in various hospitals.

The GMA maintain that they are ready to push government to give unto its members appropriate conditions of service.

But the NDC chair believes the strike action is ‘unnecessary’ as that strike is only a lst resort in negotiations and not the first alternative.

“Strike is not the beginning of a negotiation in this country but rather it is a last resort. Their complains are different from that of the Junior Doctors who have not been paid at all. Their conditions of service are not bad and so I don’t see why they should embark on strike...," Ade Coker said.

Ade Coker further called on the striking doctors to be loyal in the discharge of their duties since they have taken an oath to be responsible for the lives of Ghanaians.